#powerparent series

Welcome to the Bea & Co #powerparent series!

If you’re new to the family or just finding out about us, then you may have discovered that Bea & Co are extremely proud of our Members, Creatives and the gorgeous young (and not so young!) ones we look after. We have a wonderfully diverse membership base who are always wowing us with their brilliant families, so it is a delight to be able to enrich our lovely community with a little insight into the lives of people who make our service such a pleasure to provide.

With #powerparent we’ll be talking to some of our fantastic mums and dads, as they give us a sneak peak into their lives and tell us tales of the peaks and tricky times, and the art of juggling family living. Every parent has a super power, so read our #powerparent series to learn more, and follow us on instagram to share some of your own pearls of wisdom!

I am so proud to be kicking off with one of my personal role models and super heroes, Doulla Croft. Doulla inspires me and all those who know her. She has a huge love for life, a fierce loyalty and is a kickass businesswoman, whilst her family remain at the core of everything she does. In my eyes she is truly what this series is about and I know you will adore her as much as me after seeing a little snippet into her world.

Amy x

Blog journey begins…

Welcome to the Bea & Co blog.

We wanted to create a fun place to share the day to day goings on behind the scenes as our Bea & Co family grows. This blog will become a hub of lots of interesting insights including some reviews, features and fascinating guest posts from our Members and Creatives. We look forward to sharing the next stage of our journey with you.

Amy x
(Founder and CEO)